Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not All Of The Tea In China

No, it's not all of the tea in China, just a few articles that I've run across recently that have to do with the subject.

Here's an article from the English language version of the People's Daily. It's about tea and tea culture in Hangzhou, probably best known for producing the Dragonwell variety of green tea.

Pu'er, China, is best known for another type of tea - guess which one. It was the topic of an article that recently appeared in the New York Times. Read it here. If you have trouble accessing that one, you can read the same article at the International Herald Tribune, here.

If you're looking to brush up on your tea knowledge, Tenfu Tea College, in Zhangzhou, might do the trick. Read more about it here.

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njm said...

I read the article from Tenfu Tea College. Very interesting to see the growth in the need for tea professionals. Until recently, I never realized the high demand and growth potential of the tea industry.

Thanks for sharing.

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