Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meaning of Tea, Boston Tea Party Tea & More

If you haven't seen the quite fine tea documentary, All In This Tea, you should give it a look. If you have seen it and you're craving more, check out The Meaning of Tea, another documentary film about tea.

Have you ever wondered what kind of tea was unceremniously dumped during the Boston Tea Party? Bruce Richardson was commissioned by The National Archives to come up with an approximation of that tea. More info here.

Here's a story about some people who had their priorities straight - or maybe not. Apparently at one point British disaster planners were concerned that a nuclear attack might leave the nation short on tea. As if the giant ants and lizards running amok wouldn't be enough of a problem.

This is an older one but you might have missed it, as I did. From NPR, it's "the story of a man driven temporarily insane from drinking too much jasmine tea." I hate when that happens.

Last up is a miracle of modern technology - or maybe not. It's a tea (or coffee, one assumes) cup whose contents can be stirred without using a spoon. Because we all know how dreadfully complex and inconvenient spoons can be. More here.

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EAnglin said...

That self-stirring tea cup will never make it in America- the ball is a blatant choking hazard and some idiot *will* tilt the glass far enough to tip it into his or her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...thanks for this info about "The Meaning of Tea" documentary.

I recently purchased "All In This Tea" and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great story.

By the way, could you please add my new tea blog ( to your Honor Roll? Thanks, Bill!

Denise of Tea in London