Saturday, June 07, 2008

Iyemon Cha, Premium Japanese Green Tea, Launches in San Francisco

Steeped in Japan's Finest Tea-Making Tradition, Iyemon Cha, Premium Japanese Green Tea, Launches in San Francisco
(from a press release)

Iyemon Cha, a refreshing new premium bottled Japanese green tea from Suntory to be distributed by Calistoga Beverage Company, a subsidiary of Nestle Waters North America, makes its U.S. debut this May in San Francisco, the first stop on a planned national rollout. Free of preservatives and sweeteners, this pure, all-natural organic green tea is steeped in rich tea-making tradition. Iyemon Cha (pronounced ee-yeh-mon cha) is available in two varieties: Original Green Tea and Roasted Green Tea.

The world's finest green tea or "cha" (Japanese for tea) comes from Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and the original source of Japanese green tea. It is here that Iyemon Cha is made at the esteemed tea company, Fukujuen, founded more than two centuries ago in 1790 and today one of Japan's top three sellers of leaf tea. Iyemon Cha is the only bottled green tea from this historic purveyor of fine teas, now available in America for the first time.

Iyemon Cha is the only bottled tea in the world to add a touch of matcha, a stone-ground tea of the highest quality, for extra richness. Matcha is made from the finest, youngest leaves of the tea bush, which is covered for several weeks before harvest to slow down growth, imparting a more intense sweetness and depth of flavor when pulverized into a fine powder. Prized for its superior quality, matcha is the centerpiece of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and a unique, essential ingredient in Iyemon Cha.

Iyemon Cha is made entirely in Japan from 100% Japanese tea leaves using the purest refined water to bring out the best flavor. It is imported from Japan and bottled in a stylish, environmentally conscious glass bottle (12.2oz /361 ml) with a suggested retail price of $2.75.

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chiaramontemario said...

I been buying this tea from the 99 Cents Only Stores, in my area. I just picked up about 10 bottles, today, which was all they had. I must say, it is absolutely fantastic. The depth and richness of this tea is something I've never found in a bottled tea. It has the same taste of the delicious tea you might find at a fine Japanese restaurant.

Birgitta said...

I can't believe(!) you let the cat out of the bag online....but you are soooo right....