Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's Brewing?, from Veria TV, to Debut in Fall 2008

What's Brewing?, from Veria TV, to Debut in Fall 2008
(from a press release)

Veria (pronounced ver-ee-ah) -- a growing natural health and wellness company dedicated to bringing natural wellness to the mainstream through its television network, local wellness centers, and lifestyle-focused website -- today unveiled a new line-up of original television series scheduled to premiere on the company's television network, Veria TV, in the fall of 2008. Veria TV is currently available on Channel 9575 on the DISH Network(TM).

Veria's new programs include:

"What's Brewing?" - Jody Rudman, owner of Dallas-based Tempest Tea, explores the wisdom of some of the world's oldest cultures by highlighting ancient beverages, such as teas, yerba mate, xocoatl and herbal tisanes, which can have benefits for today's busy lives.

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Nick said...

This is an interesting tea blog you've got going on. Although you don't appreciate a good Earl Grey or Chai? I think those are my 2 favorite teas!

I actually stumbled here from your article Beyond Jelly: Reinventing the Peanut Butter Sandwich. Awesome article, I'm a peanut butter lover myself as you'll be able to tell from my blog. It also says that you mail order 10 lbs of peanut butter at a time? Awesome. I always have 10 jars (10 lbs) of peanut butter on hand at all times too. I make different flavors and always need backups because I go through it faster than anything. Where do you order from? My favorite is Trader Joe's Natural Creamy w/ salt, it's the best creamy pb I've ever had and it also happens to be the cheapest.

njm said...

Novel Concept... I wonder if it will be available via Direct TV. I have no idea what channel 9575 is.

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