Sunday, July 20, 2008

The $7 Cup of Tea

Earlier this month, New York Times food critic Frank Bruni kicked off a new feature called That Costs WHAT?!? While the gratuitous punctuation seems...unseemly for such an august publication, it's interesting to note that first of these columns tackled the issue of tea.

Specifically, in this case, the tea served at a joint called BLT Market. While the specifics are not completely clear it seems that this was mint "tea" served in a bag, perhaps of the pyramid type. What's not so unclear is that the bill for this beverage came to $7. While there may be $7 cups of tea out there that are actually worth $7, it's highly likely that this is not one of them.

Features a pretty lively comments section, if you have the stomach for that sort of thing.

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Summer said...

I saw the article when it first came out... I felt it was best to stay out of it. I find NYC to be way over priced as it is.

Btw, the second phase of the tea contest ( is live and I'd love to see your entry!

BioMedMan said...

Was just wondering if you have come across a tea bag that has a red label that says "my cup" on it. I am trying to find out what kind it is.
Thanks so much,