Sunday, July 13, 2008

PG Tips: England's Top Tea Readily Available in US

England's Number 1 Tea Now Easily Available to US Consumers
(from a press release)

Previously, fans of England's number 1 tea had to try and find their favorite brand. Now, the full selection of authentic PG Tips tea can be found at, an Internet tea retailer.

English tea drinkers can get PG Tips in 80- and 240-tea bag boxes, PG Tips Decaffeinated in 40- and 80 tea bag boxes, PG Tips Loose in an 8.8 ounce box and PG Tips Special Blend in an 80 tea bag box. Scottish Blend, a blend of PG Tips created for the soft waters of Scotland, also is available.

PG Tips is one of the United Kingdom's top brands and still made in Manchester, England. In the UK, 150 million cups of tea are consumed daily with 35 million being PG Tips tea.

PG Tips was formerly introduced in the 1930s and quickly became one of the United Kingdom's top brands. In 1960, PG Tips in tea bags was introduced. PG Tips Decaffeinated became available in 2004 for tea drinkers preferring a caffeine-free option.

In 2005, PG Tips celebrated its 75th birthday and introduced a special limited edition tea. PG Tips Special Blend Limited Edition Tea was originally intended to be available for a short time. But the tea proved so popular it became a permanent addition to the PG Tips family of tea.

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Nic said...

This is great news - I'm crazy about PG tips! The Tetley "British Blend" released here in the US was always the nearest and most accessible alternative to PG Tips for me.
Thank you!

zandrame said...

You can buy this tea at any World Market (Cost Plus). Here's the info link (says sold in store only), but they have a store locator on the site.

Margaret's Fine Imports said...

Margarets Fine Imports sells 3 types of PG Tips, Regular, Loose, and Decaf. You can buy PG Tips on the Britsh Tea page.