Sunday, August 03, 2008

More on Obama and Honest Tea

As noted here previously, Barack Obama is a fan of Honest Tea, most notably the Black Forest Berry flavor. Which wouldn't be worth mentioning again if not for the fact that McCain's people have brought it up. Apparently a taste for organic tea-based beverages might be an indicator of some sort of character flaw. Well, better that the sordid truth come out now than later. For more, look here and here.

Also mentioned previously at TGS, a product known as Red Espresso. This is a rooibos-based product formulated to be made in an espresso machine. David Kiley at BusinessWeek presented an in-depth review of the product recently, concluding that it's no substitute for coffee-based espresso, but isn't so bad overall.

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Ric said...
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D. Dutta-Roy said...

The Canned Iced Lemon Nestle, I guess. Is it still available in the U.S. ?
I really liked it.

njm said...

I sense desperation in the McCain Camp. Give me a break!