Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dilmah 'Single Origin' Ceylon Tea Expands In U.S. Market

Dilmah 'Single Origin' 100% Pure Ceylon Tea Expands U.S. Market Penetration With Availability at Major Grocery Chains and Specialty Gourmet Outlets
(from a press release)

Dilmah and Unity Brands Group have joined together to bring the splendor and quality of Dilmah Teas to the U.S. and have announced that they have expanded availability of the Dilmah Gourmet, Dilmah Single Estate and Dilmah Green Tea brands throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Southeast. Grown, handpicked, cured and packaged by family-owned company Dilmah Teas, the premium brand has emerged as a gourmet alternative to mass-produced, "blended" products and is currently the leading single origin, ethically produced Ceylon tea in over 90 countries.

The luxurious Dilmah Single Estate teas are among the most exclusive, boutique teas in the world and include Lover's Leap Estate, Somerset Estate, Dombagastalawa Estate, and Nilagama Estate. Among the traditional varieties in the Dilmah Gourmet Series are Earl Grey, English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Irish Breakfast, and Ceylon Supreme. The Dilmah Green Tea offerings include renowned Ceylon Green Tea with Real Cinnamon, Real Ginger, Natural Lemongrass, Moroccan Mint, and Natural Green Tea.


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K-Blog said...

Glad you are enjoying Dilmah in the US, particularly the luxury ranges. We have just received the new Watte range here in Australia and have been appointed to do the PR for Dilmah in Australia. It's good to know the rest of the world also enjoys the single origin leaves.

njm said...

I've recently heard a lot about Dilmah tea, particularly its migration to the U.S. But I have yet to try it. I look forward to doing so in the near future.

Tea Escapade

K-Blog said...

As someone who clearly appreicates tea, I think you'll really enjoy Dilmah. It is single origin and is packed in Sri Lanka where it is grown so is incredibly fresh. Dilmah is also the most ethical tea brand, being packaged and marketed all from Sri Lanka to the rest of the world. This means all the profits go back to the workers. Hope you get to try Dilmah soon - keep us posted!

Nyssaneala said...

I am SO happy to hear this! I drank Dilmah tea every day when we lived in Australia, and I have really missed it.

titagarh said...

Dilmah is truley a wonderful and refreshing tea. The unblended and freshly packed tea is comparable to none in the market. Once we tried the first sip of Dilmah we never went back again to the tea we drank all this time. Do yourself a favor and try a cup or two. You can buy dilmah online at Amazon.com