Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little Tea With Your Coffee

I've never been a fan of coffee, but to each his or her own. Those who are not tea purists might be interested in a number of products that combine coffee with tea in some way or another.

Like kootee, although this tea that's made from the leaves of the coffee plant doesn't contain any coffee as we know it. Or you might go for some yuanyang, a beverage that mixes coffee with tea and which is said to be popular in Hong Kong.

Several coffee manufacturers have taken this notion to the next level, coming up with coffee blends that actually include tea. There's Spava, for instance, with a blend (Clarity) that includes white tea and one (Metabolism) that includes green. Or JavaFit Energy Plus, which tosses some green tea extract into the mix, and Fusion Diet FX, which tweaks the beans with green tea and yerba mate, among other things.

For more on this theme, check out this recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

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