Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama & McCain Tea Blends & More

As noted recently at the World Tea News site, Pearl Fine Teas has come up with two new tea blends to mark the upcoming Presidential election. There's the Drink for Change (Obama Blend), which is rooibos "with hints of Hawaiian fruit." If you'd prefer not to cast your vote for that one, try the Extra-Mavericky (McCain Blend), a black tea that "has a hint of smoke and is highly caffeinated."

Speaking of McCain, Obama and Pearl Fine Teas, be sure to check out Pearl's TeaLove blog, which has some clever tea-themed illustrations featuring the presidential aspirants. Look here and here.

Finally, have you ever wondered what Obama and Snapple Iced Tea have in common? Me neither, but if you're curious enough to click a link, try this one.

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