Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tetley Red Tea Launches In Canada

Tetley Brings Centuries Old African Secret to Canada With the Launch of New Tetley Red Tea
(from a press release)

A secret no more! Healthful, antioxidant-rich Red Tea, made from the rooibos plant exclusively found in the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa, was first encountered by European botanists and brought to the "Old World" more than 300 years ago.

Now Tetley, Canada's tea leader, is set to re-introduce Africa's best kept secret with the launch of its exclusive new range of 100 per cent pure, antioxidant-rich and naturally caffeine-free Tetley Red Tea. Three exceptionally delicious flavours are set to hit Canadian store shelves starting October 2008 and include: Tetley Red Tea Pure Rooibos, Tetley Red Tea Vanilla and Tetley Red Tea Red Berry.

Expertly blended by Tetley, new Tetley Red Tea captures the essence of Africa at an affordable price. A unique and deliciously aromatic blend of the highest quality rooibos, new Tetley Red Tea is steeped in Tetley's 171-year tea-making tradition. An indulgent experience, its rich aroma and deep red colour come to life with an earthy flavour, featuring faint mineral tones and natural subtle sweetness; along with the unquestionable understanding that every cup delivers soothing, healthful refreshment.

Tetley Red Tea, made from authentic South African rooibos, is available across Canada in the tea aisle of most grocery stores, in a convenient 96 g box with 40 tea bags ($4.99). Tetley Red Tea Pure Rooibos, Tetley Red Tea Vanilla and Tetley Red Tea Red Berry come in 40g canisters with 20 tea bags ($3.29). All three are ideal for savouring at home or at the office and perfect for keeping you hydrated.

Tetley Red Tea

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Among many others, RedUmbrella Tea Canada also sells red tea. Lipton is hardly bringing a tea revelation to the market--just a juggernaut of a marketing budget!