Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vintage Tea Art, Posters & Menus

If it's vintage tea art and advertisements that get you all riled up, here are a few sites that feature posters based on that sort of thing. Look here and here. Or you can feast your eyes on Gregory R. Suriano's book, Tea Art: A Modern Look at Vintage Tea Graphics. For more on the latter, refer to Katrina's review at The Tea Pages.

For some insight into tea's role in restaurants way back when, take a look at this searchable version of the Miss Frank E. Buttolph American Menu Collection at the New York Public Library.

Image: New York Public Library

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1 comment:

Brittiny said...

Great link to the tea posters!

My current budget is not allowing me to buy much of anything right now... but they are still cool to look at! :)