Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zenlet Green Tea Bracelets

Ever since green tea became shorthand for "miracle elixir that cures all ills" a number of offbeat products have come on the market that have attempted to cash in on this notion. Among the most peculiar - if you ask me - are Zenlet's Green Tea Bracelets.

Green Tea Bracelets, according to the manufacturer, allow "the green tea to absorb into your skin and body through a process called transdermal absorption. The bracelets should be worn for eight to twelve days before the green tea is completely absorbed. The bracelets are made with all natural ingredients and colors with no metal or plastic and environmentally safe."

Which is as good a gimmick as any, I suppose, but I'll stick with absorbing my green tea through my mouth for now.


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njm said...

Seems a little bizarre if you ask me. I agree, I'll stick to drinking green tea instead of wearing it. It's actually much more enjoyable that way.

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Relznuk said...

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Rishi Tea said...

Agreed. We prefer to drink our tea for maximum pleasure.

Zenlet said...

It's good for those that do not drink green tea. Also better than supporting those rubber bracelets - better for the environment. If you read further down Zenlet's press release it says that "the best way to get the benefits of green tea is to drink it".

Ed said...

I see this as a plus not a substitute to drinking green tea. You would be wearing the bracelet all the time including when you are catching ZZzzz, at the movies, etc.. You are not drinking green tea all the time so this can just add more benefit.