Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rishi Tea's New Organic Eco-Friendly Tea Gift Sets

Rishi Tea's New Organic Eco-Friendly Tea Gift Sets
(from a press release)

Organic handcrafted loose-leaf teas best reveal their nuance and unique origin characteristics when prepared in appropriate teaware. Rishi Tea is proud to offer our Organic Tea Sets, each of which includes two best-selling teas, a teapot or infuser cup specially chosen to pair well with the teas. Each gift set is beautifully packaged in an environmentally friendly, hand woven gift box made of renewable bamboo.

Organic Black Tea Set includes a highly functional glass teapot with easy to clean removable stainless steel filter, Organic Fair Trade China Breakfast Black Tea and Organic Fair Trade Earl Grey Black Tea. Retail Price: $25

Organic Green Tea Set includes a handcrafted sky blue teacup with lid and infuser, Organic Fair Trade Jasmine Green Tea and Organic Fair Trade Jade Cloud Green Tea. Retail Price: $35

Organic White Tea Set includes a glass teapot with glass infuser, Organic White Peony and Organic Peach Blossom. Retail Price: $40

Available through select Whole Foods Markets, specialty retailers and direct from Rishi.

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