Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Smoothie King Introduces Yerba Maté Smoothie

Smoothie King Unveils the Secret to Natural Energy: Introduces “Drink of the Gods” with Yerba Maté Smoothie
(from a press release)

Yerba maté (pronounced YER-ba MA-tay) has folks revved up as nature’s latest contribution to the highly functional “superfood” category. Following its mission to encourage more and more people to achieve healthy lifestyles, Smoothie King has made the ancient yerba maté plant available to mainstream America. Berry Stimulating Maté, a combination of blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, Guayaki organic yerba maté, turbinado and nonfat milk, is now available at Smoothie King’s more than 550 locations across the country.

Smoothie King’s supplier, Guayaki, was the first to offer certified organic, fairly traded and rainforest-grown yerba maté to the marketplace. Guayakí works with farmers in South America to promote sustainable growing practices, to preserve and reforest the land, and to create a renewable income stream — effectively bettering the lives of the local communities.

A 20-ounce blend of the new Berry Stimulating Maté smoothie contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee, 348 calories (298 when made “skinny”), four grams of protein and six grams of fiber. For more information on the new yerba maté smoothie, click here.

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