Monday, November 10, 2008

Teavana to Debut 28 New Teas

(from a press release)

Teavana debuts their new collection of teas for 2009 beginning October 27, just in time for the holiday shopping season. From a rare Black Dragon Pearl tea to a unique Samurai Chai Maté, this collection of teas further extends the wonderful aromas and health benefits that make Teavana special. For a limited time, they are also offering special promotions on the new teas via coupons that can be obtained at the stores.

Teavana, known for procuring the finest loose leaf tea from around the world, debuts the 28 new teas, which include a combination of pure estate and flavored white, green, oolong, black and herbal teas. In conjunction with the debut, Teavana also announced an online contest at Teavana where guests can vote for their favorite tea from the new assortment and be entered into a drawing for a gift collection containing all 28 new selections.


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Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

Good Afternoon from Atlanta, GA

Hi William,
Before I got sick, I owned and operated Miss Lila's Tea Room here in Atlanta. I love Tea and anything having to do with tea. I couldn't find any personal info on you, like where you're from and all that.
I'm new to your blog but will be a frequent guest.
I still have my web site for the Tea Room at There are some great pics of the Tea Room.
Have a great evening,
Miss Lila in Atlanta