Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amanzi Tea Introduces 'Financial Securi-Tea'

Amanzi Tea Reveals New Flavor of the Week, 'Financial Securi-Tea', to Overcome the Economic Downfall
(from a press release)

Amanzi Tea, a unique tea bar and retailer, opened its first NYC location this past weekend to rave reviews. After distributing free "flu shots" made of double strength, freshly brewed tea on Saturday, they're releasing their latest creation, "Financial Securi-Tea", this week. The new drink is made from a blend of green, mint, and chamomile tea -- the perfect mix to promote serenity during the turbulent times ahead.

Owner Raymond Levy states, "We designed 'Financial Securi-Tea' to calm nerves and lift the spirits of our fellow New Yorkers during the holiday season. This economic crisis we're in, it's putting a damper on the holidays. We at Amanzi wanted to design a drink that will not only boost one's immune system, but will raise one's spirits during these hard times!"

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