Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Product Joins Award-Winning Teastick Family

New Product Joins Award-Winning Teastick Family
(from a press release)

Since 2005, the original Teastick has been winning fans and awards as the ultimate way to serve loose-leaf tea. Today, Gamila Company brings vivid color to the family with Teastick Gems.

Like the original Teastick, the new Gems Teastick is a one-cup, loose tea infuser. With its sleek 3-in-one design, it serves as a scoop, measuring device and infuser. Intended to entice a young market new to the world of tea, Gems come in two translucent colors and have a fine stainless steel mesh that is perfect for smaller teas and herbal infusions. The Gems will retail for about 35% less than the original stainless steel Teastick. (more)

Image: Gamila Company

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