Monday, December 15, 2008

Numi Rolls Out Organic Puerh Line

Numi Organic Tea Launches New Tea Category: Organic Puerh Tea
(from a press release)

Known for their innovative Flowering Tea and pure ingredient tea blends, Numi Organic Tea launches a new line and category of tea called Puerh. Although all teas come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, Puerh is made from a different variety that grows on wild 500 year old, tea trees, known as "broad leaf tea", found in the pristine Yunnan Mountains of Southwestern China. The maturity and special variety of these trees make it desired for the aging process that makes Puerh. The leaves undergo an unusual fermenting, ripening and aging process which results in Puerh's unique earthy flavor and special health properties. Chinese people have written about the health benefits of Puerh since ancient times.

Taste - Puerh processing is different from regular white, green, oolong or black tea. After the leaves are picked, they are piled into heaps, dampened frequently for a period of 60 days and rotated every 10 days during this time to ensure all the tea is fermented. The tea is then dried and ready to be compressed into bricks for aging, or left as loose tea which Numi uses in its tea bags. Different to black tea, Puerh can be steeped long for a smooth yet bold cup without the bitterness. Its taste is rich and smooth, slightly sweet with hints of malt. A straight Puerh such as Numi's Emperor's makes a great pairing with a French cheese plate and can also act as a digestif after a heavy meal.

Numi will launch 4 flavors of Puerh in both tea boxes as well as loose tea.

Emperor's Puerh - Organic Black Puerh tea: malty, rich & bold
Chocolate Puerh - Organic Black Puerh tea: velvety rich & vanilla
Magnolia Puerh - Organic Green Puerh tea blend: deep floral earthiness
Mint Puerh - Organic Green Puerh tea blend: pungent, smooth & sweet

Image: Numi Tea

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