Thursday, December 18, 2008

Product Review - Adagio Teas GraviTEA Water Purifier

GraviTEA Water Purifier
Adagio Teas

Though many people swear by the relative purity of their local water supplies - perhaps with good reason - for some years I've been in that camp who prefer to add their own post-tap purifications, for whatever it may be worth. My weapon of choice, thus far, has been one of Brita's pitcher-type filters.

Given that my Brita is an older clunkier model, I was keen to take Adagio's new GraviTEA model for a spin. The first thing one notices about it is its sleek, rather aesthetically pleasing design. And while there are surely only a limited number of bells and whistles one can add to one of these gadgets, the GraviTEA has a few. The "top-loading" feature, which allows for it to be filled without removing the lid, is handy, as is the flap over the pouring spout.

Other features and selling points include an indicator that let you know when its time to change the filter and a filtering "speed" supposedly twice that of comparable products.

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