Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ATMA Tea Mastery Course Via Skype

New Tea Mastery Course Via Skype
(from a press release)

The American Tea Masters Association is offering a new Tea Mastery Certification Course of great interest to many aspiring tea masters:

·Become a Certified Tea Master without ever leaving your home or office
·Entire course is conducted one-on-one with a certified tea master
·Training is $500 less than our traditional on-site/home study program, and eliminates the added cost of airfare and hotel accommodations
·Includes all the educational requirements needed for achieving the prestigious Certified Tea Master designation
·Provides the competence and confidence to serve as a tea master at a distinguished restaurant, hotel or tea court, or start one's own successful enterprise

This is all done using Skype, a free audiovisual telephone system you can download to your computer. The Tea Mastery Certification Course via Skype provides the flexibility to schedule class sessions at your convenience without leaving your home or office. Besides a computer, high-speed Internet connection, and an inexpensive web camera, all you need to have is a kettle for boiling water, tea pot, teaspoon, thermometer (0 o-212o F), a timer, and bottled spring water. We provide everything else that is needed, including the specialty teas for taste-testing and two training manuals, one for each part of the course.

Click here for more information on the new Tea Mastery Certification Course via Skype.

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