Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweet Tea Vodka, Tea Robot & Coca Tea Woes

Sweet tea is a variation on iced tea that's pretty much an institution in the southern United States. So it probably wasn't that much of a stretch for the South Carolina-based Firefly Distillery to come up with a vodka flavored with sweet tea. Check out their Web site here, as well as this article from a local paper. For more on tea and spirits, refer to these other TGS posts.

For whatever reason, it seems that a high percentage of robot makers like to "teach" their creations to serve tea. Exhibit G - this blurb about a bag of bolts named Basil. More on tea and robots here.

If you're getting ready to relax with a nice cup of mate de coca, beware. For all the particulars, refer to this cautionary tale from a Jacksonville paper.

Image: Firefly Distillery

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