Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tea Review 92 - Dilmah Ceylon (x3)

Dilmah Ceylon
Nuwara Eliya Pekoe
English Afternoon Tea


The black varieties of tea grown in Sri Lanka are typically referred to as Ceylon, after the former name of this island nation. They have a very distinctive taste, but alas it's one that's never appealed to me very much. Not that I have a real wide experience of Ceylon teas, mind you.

So I wasn't really expecting to be bowled over by Dilmah's offerings. As always, however, I attempted to keep a relatively open mind while tasting the samples they supplied.

Though I actually wasn't bowled over by any of these three varieties, I did find them to be a cut above many of the Ceylon teas I've tried. I was especially fond of the English Afternoon Tea, as evidenced by the fact that it was the first to disappear from my tea cabinet. While it might not be the first tea I'd reach for, I could see myself turning to this one now and again.

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