Friday, February 06, 2009

Tea Review 93 - Narien Teas

Silver Needle
Narien Teas

If you're new to tea it might take some time to get used to the relatively subtle flavors of some varieties. This point was brought home to me when I recently tasted two samples from Narien Teas, an online tea merchant who got rolling in the summer of 2008.

While their Dragonwell (green) and Silver Needles (white) were both good, I'd been going through a phase where I was drinking stronger varieties, such as a robust Yunnan (black) and a strong Sencha (green). Which tended to color my perceptions of these two low-key teas. The moral, I guess, if there is one, is that what you've been drinking now is likely to have an effect on what you're drinking next.

If you'd like to sample Narien's wares, tell them Tea Guy sent you. Better yet use the coupon code "teaguyspeaks" and get %10 off.

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njm said...

I just heard of Narien Teas recently. It is exciting to see a new tea company "open its doors". The possibilities of new blends is unimaginable.

njm said...

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