Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tea Review 94 - Organic Assam Banaspaty

Organic Assam Banaspaty
David's Tea

If there's anyone who's followed this site for a while, you might recall that I'm a huge fan of quality Assam varieties. So when Montreal-based David's Tea passed along a quartet of samples for me to weigh in on I pounced on the Assam Banaspaty like a coyote on a roadrunner.

A lousy or even a mediocre Assam is one of the more considerable disappointments in a tea drinker's day, but a great Assam is a thing of wonder. David's Assam Banaspaty falls firmly into the latter category. It has a smooth mouth feel, with no hint of astringency or bitterness. If I recall correctly, the packaging (which I discarded prematurely) mentioned that the flavor profile had some notes of honey. Which sounded odd to me and not all that appealing, but its true and it was actually quite a nice touch.

One thing I do take exception to is an excerpt from the Web page copy, which says "If you like milk in your tea, then this is the Assam for you." We all like what we like and I won't trash anyone for adding milk to their tea, but I'd strongly urge you to taste high-end Assam tea without milk. You may be surprised.

Highly recommended.

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