Monday, February 23, 2009

Tea Review 95 - Organic New Moon Darjeeling

Organic New Moon Darjeeling
The Tea Spot

Organic New Moon Darjeeling is part of The Tea Spot's new Black Label Organics series, which also includes Green Twisted Spears (hand twisted green tea from Sri Lanka), Blue Mountain Nilgiri (black tea from India's Blue Mountains), and Monkey-Picked White (white tea from China's Fujian region).

In my relatively limited experience with Darjeeling teas, I've tended to find them a bit problematic. While the best of them are worthy of their exalted reputation, too many seem to heavy on the astringency and slight bitterness I've found to be relatively common to the breed.

For the most part, New Moon Darjeeling isn't plagued by these latter two issues. It has a nice light color and flavorwise it's a little heavier than many of the Darjeelings I've tasted, which tended to be light with a faintly floral note. While the flavor was a little more robust than I'm accustomed to with a Darjeeling it was quite nice nonetheless.

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