Friday, March 20, 2009

The Dark Side of Tea

If you've been hanging around here for a while you'll probably recall me muttering about the undue emphasis placed on the health benefits of tea. Not to mention the notion that it will somehow cause you to miraculously shed pounds. I have no problem with tea being good for me, but I drink it first and foremost for the taste and I think the health claims are often overstated.

Take Enviga, for example, a green tea beverage from Coca-Cola and Nestle. The company recently agreed to shell out $650,000 in a settlement with 27 states over dubious claims made for the product. They also agreed to modify these claims in the future. More at the Los Angeles Times.

Speaking of tea and weight loss, look for articles from World Tea News (here and here) regarding some of those shady looking miracle weight loss tea sites. More on this one in The Great Wu-Yi Weight-Loss Tea Trial, from the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau.

Last but not least, an article suggesting that yerba mate may cause a greater risk of some types of cancer. Time to give up yerba mate? Not me.

Image: Coca-Cola

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