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Pick A Real Irish Tea for St. Patrick's Day

Pick A Real Irish Tea for St. Patrick's Day
(from a press release)

For St. Patrick's Day, look beyond your regular cup of Irish Breakfast to find an authentic tea from Ireland. More tea is consumed per capita in Ireland than any other country.

Irish teas are increasingly popular. Usually black teas, they have a full-bodied taste, malty flavor and best served with sugar and milk. Today, they come in two forms. The first is labeled Irish Breakfast tea and produced in almost every country. Authentic Irish teas are made by tea companies in Ireland and include such brands as Barry's, Bewley's, Lyons and Punjana.

Authentic Irish teas achieve unique flavor and taste by blending leaves from Africa and India. Most of the leaves used are African, since it works particularly well with the Irish water. Blending different types and amounts of tea produces varying tastes.

Lyons Tea is Ireland's best-selling brand. The company offers 2 different teas: Lyons Gold and Lyons Original. Lyons Gold is a premium tea for a more discerning drinker.

Blended and produced in Cork, Barry's Tea occupies the high end of the Irish tea market. According to Barry's, the company is the second most popular tea in Ireland. Barry's Gold Tea, their most popular, brews an amber color and has a smooth, clean taste. Barry's Classic has a stronger flavor.

Best known for its historic Dublin cafe, Bewley's is one of Ireland's leading brands. Bewley's Tea dates to 1835 when Charles Bewley imported the first tea into Ireland from China. Bewley's leading teas are Irish Breakfast, Irish Afternoon and Dublin Morning.

Started in 1886 in Belfast, Punjana Tea is Northern Ireland's most popular. Punjana offers an Irish Breakfast, Fair Trade and Decaffeinated.


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