Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rishi Tealeaf Powders

Rishi’s Natural Tealeaf Powders: 100% Natural Tea on the Go
(from a press release)

Rishi Tea, winner of seven First Place Awards at the 2008 World Tea Championship, proudly introduces Natural Tealeaf Powders, an innovative way to drink tea on the go.

Natural Tealeaf Powders are available in 4 authentic flavors: Sencha, Genmai, Oolong and Matcha, and come conveniently packaged in pre-portioned sticks to preserve the tea’s freshness, flavor and naturally vibrant color. They are ideal for travelers, busy parents, college students, outdoor enthusiasts, tea aficionados and those with on-the-go lifestyles. Natural Tealeaf Powders combine the great flavor and health benefits of real tea with the ease and convenience of instant tea.

Unlike instant tea extracts, Rishi’s tealeaf powder is made from 100% pure tealeaves that are cold milled into a fine powder. There are no added colorants, synthetic sweeteners, sugars or flavors—just the antioxidant, vitamin and mineral richness of
real tea.

Unique to Rishi’s Natural Tealeaf Powders are the nutritional benefits they conveniently deliver. Tealeaf powders impart 100% of the nutritional elements found in tea because the entire tealeaf is consumed. The powerful antioxidants found in tea are believed to help prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol and promote weight loss. The natural abundance of L-theanine found in pure tea helps increase energy, focus and creativity.

Image: Rishi Tea

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