Sunday, April 19, 2009

World of Tea 8

T Ching continues their exploration of tea-growing regions of India with host James Norwood Pratt. This time around, a three-part journey into the famed Darjeeling region. Check it out here, here and here.

Speaking of great tea-growing regions, here's an update from some of the Rishi guys regarding their visit to Yunnan, China.

If you're like me and you spend every moment of every day tracking the ups and downs of flash-in-the-pan celebrities you'll probably already know that singer Amy Winehouse demands a supply of Yorkshire Tea whenever she performs. Also needed, a sizable stash of tequila and 500 popsicles. And don't you dare try to sneak in any brown M&Ms. More here.

Stay tuned for more World of Tea, an occasional feature that gathers tea-related dispatches from around the globe.

Image: Rishi Tea

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