Friday, May 01, 2009

Is Tea The Ultimate Health Drink?

What to make of all the health claims for tea and related products? Are they true? Might they be hyped up a bit in the interest of selling more products? A writer for the Montreal Gazette recently explored this question, specifically addressing the health claims made for the South African "tea" known as rooibos.

A "daily cup of special tea may combat the obesity epidemic," or so says a recent article from the Scottish press. It looks at the many and diverse wonders to be realized by those who drink this "secret" tea from China. While it's debatable how well-kept the secret of white tea really is and whether it's truly "the ultimate health drink," here's the link to the article nonetheless.

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Botany's Desire said...

I am a huge fan of drinking tea, cooking with tea, using tea in skin care etc. I also believe that tea does have some amazing health benefits. BUT, as someone who has been in the industry for a while now. I do have to say some of the tea marketing that is going on by some new products is just stupid. For example, at one of the recent expos I attended there was a company selling tea infused gum!! This is a perfect example of the health benefits of tea being hyped by some companies.