Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Makes The Perfect Cup Of Tea?

What makes the perfect cup of tea? Well, there's a big question. London's Guardian recently reported on a survey by Waitrose Food Illustrated that tackled this topic. More here.

The makers of the BonJour FineT Gourmet Tea Machine would probably like you to believe that their space-age gadget can help make a perfect cup of tea. Read what Cnet had to say about it here.

Tea as an ingredient? You betcha. Here's a interesting post from The Tea Pages, where Katrina recounts her recent visit to the 2009 New England Culinary Tea Competition.

Social networking and tea come together at a Web site called Steepster. Yes, it's true. Here's another one from The Tea Pages, which feaured an interview with the Steepster guys a while back.

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Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

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