Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drain Cleaners, Tea Thermometers & Hemp Teabags

So this first one's not strictly tea-related, but it does relate to one of my favorite themes - tea marketers and others inflating the health benefits of their products in order to make a buck. Which is not to say that's what the sugar water makers and all around humanitarians at Pepsi are doing in developing "an ultra-cheap softdrink that will aid fight against anaemia in women in rural India." But it never hurts to have your BS detector activated. More here.

On a totally different tangent, here's an interesting one from Marshal at A Tea Addict's Journal. It's about drain cleaners, his term for puerh teas that are of a certain vintage and that often possess a not completely delightful flavor. On a similar theme, here are Marshal's reflections on one of the worst teas he's ever encountered.

If it's gadgetry that gets you all weak in the knees, have a look at this quite nifty digital tea thermometer.

And here's one for the patchouli and Phish crowd - reusable hemp tea bags.

Last up, the winners of the Tea-Off! Tea Kettle Design Competition.

Adagio Teas triniTea Tea Maker
Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

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