Friday, August 14, 2009

Mona Lisa Tea Attack & Health Claims

This almost seems like one of those Onion-styled fake news pieces, except that it's turned up in various respectable news sources - and it's not really funny.

As the article relates, the Mona Lisa (you now the one) was recently "attacked" by an apparently disturbed woman wielding a cup of hot tea (Earl Grey, if you must know). The painting was not damaged. This is said to be yet another manifestation of "a mental disorder known as Stendhal syndrome - confusion and irrational behaviour caused by being exposed to fine art." Really.

From our Balanced News and Truth In Marketing bureau, here's an article about Lipton tea and the makers of various other products who are getting their knuckles rapped for making lofty claims about alleged health benefits. Along the same lines is this piece that asserts that there's no firm evidence that green tea protects against cancer.

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