Friday, August 21, 2009

New Herbal Tea Harnesses Japanese Health Practices

New Herbal Tea Harnesses 1,000 Years of Japanese Health Practices Healthier Tea with Herbal Detox
(from a press release)

It's a common mistake to believe the Japanese people have a life expectancy of 82, the highest in the world, solely because they drink green tea. In fact green teas contain caffeine and tannins that may be harmful to digestion. Instead the new Ten-Chi Cha tea from Eco Vita brings to the United States a blend of 12 herbs representing the best of herbal remedies grown in Japan for a thousand years. With 55 Billion gallons of tea consumed each year in the United States alone, the tea market is booming. The introduction of the "green movement" has only inspired a stronger drive for natural herbal teas.


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