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Rishi Tea Adds Two Legendary Green Teas

Rishi Tea Adds Two Legendary Green Teas to its Organic Green Tea Line
(from a press release)

One sip of green tea can reveal a world of information, from the origin in which the tea was harvested to the way in which it was made. Each origin possesses its own signature flavor, aroma and mouthfeel based on its terroir ana unique processing technique. Rishi Tea is proud to introduce the newest additions to its Organic Green Tea line: Organic Dragon Well and Organic Houjicha.

Dragon Well (traditionally referred to as Long Jing) is one of the most famous Chinese green teas named after the Dragon's Well landmark in the West Lake area of Zhejiang province, where this tea was originally cultivated. Today many of the best grades of Dragon Well come from tea-growing areas outside of Zhejiang. Rishi Tea partners with an artisan grower in Anhui, China, to produce an exquisite traditional Long Jing tea unlike any other.

In this area of pristine, high mountain tea fields, artisan masters pan-fire small amounts of fresh leaf tea in large heated woks one batch at a time. The leaves are stirred and pressed by hand in the woks until they become dry and evenly shaped, resembling flat, emerald green spear heads. Dragon Well is prized for its remarkably fresh, balanced flavor, with a roasted chestnut aroma and a slightly floral, bittersweet finish.

Houjicha is a classic roasted Japanese green tea harvested in Kagoshima Prefecture, located on the mountainous Kyushu Island. Tealeaves and stems from the autumn and winter harvests are roasted in microbatches, giving the tea a smooth, sweet and toasted aroma with hints of buckwheat and cacao. Its beautiful amber infusion and subtle yet pleasing flavor make it a popular beverage at gourmet Japanese restaurants. During the hot summer months, many Japanese families welcome guests into their homes with a cold-brewed cup of Houjicha.

Rishi Tea's Organic Green Tea line also includes award-winning Jasmine Pearl and Sencha, Spring Green, Jade Cloud, Jasmine Tea, Orange Blossom and Green Tea Mint.

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Anonymous said...

Dragonwell is certainly an important tea to the Chinese. It's really their mascot tea when the whole country is taken into account, though there are regions that favor other teas like Oolong. However, this is partly because there are so many poor Chinese people who can't afford better teas like Pu-erh. --Spirituality of Tea