Sunday, September 06, 2009

How to Make Bedouin Tea

Ran across this one at the Voice of Tea blog recently. It's not the Ritz-Carlton, but if you've gotta have your tea then it'll do.

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Zarafina Tea Maker Suite


marlena said...

I think this would be a fun way to drink tea - once, maybe twice, but what a neat experience it would be. I's like to try Australian bush tea, too. Hmm, there's a theme here. Guess I just wan to go someplace!

Anonymous said...

I imagine this is some bitter tea. But I think the flavor would be of the kind that's never experienced by sheltered kitchens inside houses. The fresh air and smoke from the fire as well as the differences in temperature and teaware would all make for a natural, earthy experience. It seems that Pu-erh would make a good tea for camping. --Spirituality of Tea

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, but nothing about how to make oolong tea