Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Puer China's Next Hot Commodity?

When it comes to press it seems that green tea (and white, to an extent) garners all the attention for its multitude of alleged health benefits. Puer, on the other hand, most often seems to get noticed because it tends to be a pricier variety favored by collectors, investors and whatnot.

Case in point, the latest and greatest report from Time, with the attention-grabbing headline, "Puer Tea: China's Next Hot Commodity?" Hmmm...that seemed to be the case several years ago, but is it still?

For a somewhat less sensational look at the topic, check out what Adam had to say at The Sip Tip recently regarding the notion that puer is "the whiskey of the tea world."

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Anonymous said...

Too bad about the media frenzy over green tea when Pu-erh is undoubtedly the healthiest of all the true Camellia Sinensis teas. All tea is healthy, though, so the general movement to show deference to green tea isn't doing anyone any favors. --Spirituality of Tea