Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teacarina, Tea Ringtones & Screensavers

If you can't decide whether to play a tune on your teacup or drink tea from it, you must have a Teacarina, an odd little cup designed by the St. Louis Ocarina Store. Read more about it at the World Tea News.

For a tea-inspired ringtone, head over to the Tetley site and download away. Or check out this ringtone, from the makers of Mateveza, a yerba mate-flavored ale. Here's a Lyons Tea ringtone, courtesy of the good people at Rather a peppy number, I daresay, though the people around you when your phone rings in public may be less than impressed.

Also by way of the blog, a screensaver from Ireland's Punjana Tea.

Adagio Teas triniTea Tea Maker
Zarafina Tea Maker Suite

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Anonymous said...

I could just smell the popcorn and peanuts while I listened to this. Reminds me of baseball games of years gone by. --Teaternity