Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Great Tea Decaffeination Debate

Itching to stir up a ruckus in the tea community? Here's how to do it. Publish (presumably with good intentions) an oft-repeated but somewhat dubious bit of information about how to decaffeinate your tea with a brief rinse. Then step back and watch the fur fly.

Which is exactly what happened a little while back at the T Ching blog. Though the debate raged for a while and brought forth some interesting data on the topic, thankfully it appears that it never reached the point where dueling pistols had to be broken out of their cases. Read the original article and the lively comments thread here.

Here's Caffeine and Tea: Myth and Reality, the article by Nigel Melican that's referenced in that comments thread.

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Robert said...

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Anonymous said...

That's funny. I've watched the great decaf debate online too and I've seen some who would turn gong fu into kung fu. At least the truth will come out. That's what we're all after. --Teaternity