Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Location, Location & More

A perfect cup of tea is an elusive sort of beast. Not only are there a host of variables involved in producing the stuff, but then you've got to take that dried leaf and add water, a process that opens another can of worms.

One of the variables you might not have given much thought to is slope direction, or to be more specific, the direction in which tea plants face while they're sprouting those little tea leaves. Imen at Tea Obsession briefly discoursed upon this very topic a little while back.

And then, of course, tea ain't much without water. Or at the very least it's kind of tough to get down. T Ching recently published some of James Norwood Pratt's thoughts on the importance of selecting the right water, not to mention this brief piece in which he mused upon the topic of water temperature.

On a similar note, here are some thoughts from Imperial Tea Court's Roy Fong on the ever critical question of how long tea should be steeped. One of the most important points he brings up, "tea is not an exact science and shouldn't be treated as such." Indeed.

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daniel vincent john said...

my steep time changes every single time. said...

Who knew that such a little thing like tea plant direction makes such a difference? Fascinating.