Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tavalon’s Golden Tea Ticket

Tea Company Gives An Extra Benefit For Drinking Tea
(from a press release)

One lucky tea drinker will be extra happy this holiday season when they open their package of Tavalon Tea and find a Golden Tea Ticket inside the box - worth $1,500. You too can be a winner, just by referring your readers.

By placing an order on the Tavalon website, consumers are automatically entered to win the Golden Tea Ticket. All purchases must be made before October 28, 2009.

In addition, if the winning contestant is referred to Tavalon’s site by a blogger or other website, that blogger also receives $1,500. To be eligible, the blogger has to provide a link to the contest’s web address and/or add the contest’s banner to their web page directing their readers to Tavalon.

Winners will be chosen by Tavalon and announced during the first week of December. Visit Tavalon for more information on Tavalon’s Golden Tea Ticket contest.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that a person can sign up for the contest without making a purchase. That's what I did and told them I was sent by Tea Guy Speaks. --Teaternity