Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tea Lowers Cancer Risk...Or Not

Hang around here long enough and you'll find that every now and then I go off on a mild rant about tea's alleged health benefits. If you're new here, I'll reiterate my position (like you care). I don't doubt that tea actually has some health benefits, of which I'm glad to be a beneficiary. I also don't doubt that there are a lot of dubious claims about these benefits being floated in the interests of selling more tea. Whatever.

Something caught my attention recently as I opened my latest round of emailed news alerts regarding the search term tea. One link led a story in the British press with the headline, "Five cups of green tea a day lowers cancer risk." The very next link led to a story in the British press with the headline, "New study casts doubt on green tea's anti-cancer properties." Whatever.

As I've suggested before, it might not be doing our health much good to be spending so much time worrying about our health.

Here's the link to article one, which appeared in the Telegraph. Article two appeared in the Tea News.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not in total agreement here. I tend to view tea as a wonder elixir that can work a health miracle in a person's life. However, tea must be paired with other factors that are also important. For instance, to lose weight drinking tea you also need to cut calories. 'Nuff said. --Teaternity said...

I'm the exact same way, though I have no doubt that there are positives, tea is not the end all be all of health. People are all about the antioxidants, which you can get in almost anything (even french fries!). Jason, I 100% agree with you on the weight loss ideal as well.