Sunday, September 01, 2013

Tea Timers & Apps

Got time? Knowing how long to steep the leaves is a critical part of brewing a great cup of tea. With that in mind, here's a selection of virtual and actual tea timers.

Updated 09/01/2013

Palm & iPhone Apps
Taste Timer 1.1
Tea Leaves
Tea Pal
Teavana Perfect Tea Touch iPhone App
Wheel of Tea

Virtual Tea Timers

Tea Round App
Tea Time!
Tea Timer

"Real" Tea Timers
Penguin Teaboy

Image: Tea Pal

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Anonymous said...

Imen's got the right idea and I no longer use a timer for my Puerh. But for another tea like an Oolong I have an hourglass that's two minutes and also my little watch with its second hand. They're useful for those demanding teas. --Spirituality of Tea

Anonymous said...

Good timing on this post! I'm looking for a new timer app now (in case you're interested, I reviewed the one I'm currently using on my blog about a year and a half ago: My biggest problems with the iPhone app I use are that it restarts if I get a phone call, and each time you fire it up it automatically starts at the setting you used last.

I use a timer almost all of the time in the tea bar because I'm preparing multiple cups and I would absolutely lose track if I wasn't timing them. Brewing for myself, there are a few teas that I judge by the color (e.g., most shu pu-erh), a few that are so forgiving it doesn't really matter (e.g., most "golden" black teas), and some that I really need to time because they don't have much color (e.g., many white teas).

The biggest reason I use a timer for most of them is that I don't brew the same tea often enough to memorize the color patterns. Sometimes I'm in a 1st flush Darjeeling mood, sometimes a bai hao oolong mood, and sometimes a jasmine dragon pearl mood.

Ralph Kiernan said...

This one surprised me. I have been using Clear Timer App for a month now and it works well with me. It lets me set and run timers simultaneously.