Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pricey Puerh

Magazine and newspaper editors seem to have a great weakness for stories about ridiculously expensive tea. Which, most of the time, means puerh. Case in point, a recent article at CNBC with the lurid headline, The $1,000 a Gram Tea. I'd prefer to drink tea, rather than use it as part of my keenly honed investment strategy, but if you're into this sort of thing, take a look.

If you are looking to invest in some pricey tea or if you've just got a spare $888 lying around, check out this Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple-Tip puerh from the Imperial Tea Court. Which is probably a bit rich for most people's blood. Those who seek something decidedly more affordable might investigate this Pu'erh Tea Starter Pack, which includes Bana Tea Company’s own Limited Edition 2008 Vintage raw puerh and a Piao I teapot.

Last up, a plug for our hometown tea shop - Seven Cups of Tucson - who recently released their own puerh cakes. More here.

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Margaret Studer said...

I actually wrote about the $1000 a cup pu'erh was going for in Hong Kong on Tea Examiner because I was so astounded that tea was being used for that kind of investment. Some growers actually destroyed some old growth tea plants to make their crops more rare and more valuable, at least that's what was reported.

I think I would want to invest in something where the hard work involved couldn't be undone by the weather taking a bad turn for several month.

Anonymous said...

Bana Tea Company also offers an affordable Purple Tip Puerh. I'm not sure what about those teas would command such a price. I've never sampled anything but I've heard descriptions that are impressive.