Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea Conservation, Tea Hangovers & Kuka

I'm all for conservation, recycling and green living in general, but let's admit that it is possible to take this sort of thing too far. As the Telegraph recently reported, a British government agency recommended that "reheating cold cups of tea could save consumers £110 million a year, and help cut back on the 3.5 billion cups thrown down the sink every year." More on the environmental impact of wasting tea here.

Hardcore tea fans have probably experienced the phenomenon of being tea drunk at some point and the inevitable hangover that follows on the heels of any binge - be it tea or something stronger. A while back, Imen at Tea Obsession wrote about a heavy duty tea drinking binge that went on for hours, included 16 different teas and produced a hangover of rather daunting proportions.

It's not really tea-related, but Advertising Age magazine recently looked at What Your Taste in Beer Says About You. Which makes for interesting reading and raises the question - what does your taste in tea say about you? Hmmm.

Last up, a decidedly offbeat beverage. It's called Kuka and it's made with - among other things - the leaves of a plant that often gets a bad rap, for obvious reasons. That would be the coca plant. More here.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I learned something today. A hangover from overdoing it with tea? Ouch. I've never been aware that I've had one and will be watching from now on. I do know that my young, green Puerh is easy to overdo it with. That I look at every day now.

Alex Zorach said...

I also read the article about reheating tea to "save energy" and I thought it was silly to the point of being totally ridiculous.

If you're going to tackle the issue of carbon footprint as it relates to tea, why not go for loose tea vs. teabags--as the production process for teabags uses a lot of energy and also wastes material.