Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bigelow Tea Blazes Trails Online

Bigelow Tea Blazes Trails Online
(from a press release)

As a family-owned company, Bigelow Tea® understands the value of personal connections, and has built its company on those values for 65 years. While traditional advertising has been instrumental in establishing Bigelow Tea’s brand, the company understands that a new generation of Internet users expects more from their favorite companies: namely, the ability to have a two-way conversation. So Bigelow Tea has embraced interactivity, reaching out across multiple online networks to engage directly with tea drinkers of all ages via the following channels:

The Bigelow Tea Talk Blog is brimming with frequently refreshed tea news, brewing tips, recipes, recommendations and health information. The blog also provides an opportunity for Bigelow Tea’s management team to personally “talk” about noteworthy developments such as ongoing green initiatives, product developments and more.

As a microblogging site, Twitter allows Bigelow Tea to interact with tea lovers from around the world in near-real time, providing healthy tea tips and general information in 140 character bursts.

Facebook is another population of over 1500 tea aficionados that follow the Bigelow Tea brand. If you are a “fan,” then you can watch Bigelow Tea videos, read status updates, check out the blog feed, buy tea and learn more about the Bigelow Tea company from the “boxes” page.

Video Channels are additional sites where Bigelow Tea hosts several short made-for-online “Tea-V” videos. Cindi Bigelow teaches viewers how to prepare a perfect cup of tea, she visits with tea drinkers on the streets of New York City and teaches Wally the Green Monster at Fenway Park how to drink tea which is both educational and entertaining. Especially popular is her chat about the health benefits of green tea with sports idols Joe Torre and Phil Simms. Videos are cross-posted on major web video destinations like YouTube, Blip TV and more.

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