Sunday, December 27, 2009

Red Circle Tea Introduces Taiwanese Tribute Tea To US

San Francisco’s Red Circle Tea Introduces First Taiwanese Tribute Tea in US
(from a press release)

Red Circle Tea announces the exclusive release of one of the rarest teas in the world, Tribute Red Jade #18. This tea was hand picked and completely hand-processed in a Taiwanese monastery and took over 100 man hours to make. The monastery farms organically, and tea plants are fertilized using only soybeans and honey. The tea represents the revival of ancient hand processing methods that were replaced with the introduction of machines.

The tea plant Red Jade #18 is unique. Unlike Taiwanese teas which are generally grown and processed as oolongs, Red Jade #18 is a red tea (completely oxidized tea leaves), made from grafting Burmese Assamica to a Taiwanese native tea plant. The prefix of “Tribute” is added to the name to indicate that the tea was made in tribute to the art of hand processing. This is the only known Taiwanese Tribute tea hand processed and sold in the US.

Tribute Red Jade #18 is exclusively available at Red Circle Tea and is available for pre-sale in mid-December. Over 80 percent of the profit from Tribute Red Jade #18 will go back to the farmers, ushering in a new level of connection between consumers and tea farmers.

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