Sunday, December 20, 2009

Walmart Puerh, Bacon Tea & More

Your attention please. The mainstreaming of specialty tea is now complete. Please pack up your things and go home. We present, as Exhibit A, the Fine-T 7 oz. Young Pu-erh Loose Leaf Tea, currently available at

It was obviously a matter of time until some disturbed individual came up with a true bacon tea, or in other words, a tea that actually contains real bacon. I wrote about bacon tea a while back, but the blends mentioned therein only simulate bacon flavor by the clever use of various flavored teas, most notably Lapsang Souchong. Leave it to the gang at to blaze the bacon tea trail with Maple Bacon Black Tea. No need to send a sample, by the way. Thanks.

The good people at Reuters recently blessed us with their thoughts on the Top 10 Places To Enjoy A Cup Of Tea. Among them, such unlikely choices as the Sahara Desert and Peru's Inca Trail. Hang on while I get my hat and coat. See you in a few months.

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Jamus said...

This is mildly disturbing. Let me know if you have room for one and a half more in that caravan of yours. :-)


Marlena said...

Ye gods!

Popular Reads! said...

Oink! Oink!

Popular Reads! said...

Oink! Oink!