Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super Steep Teas

I've always felt that when it comes to tea, you get what you pay for - to a point. While cheap tea almost always tastes like cheap tea, I can't help but be skeptical about some of the premium teas that come with truly outlandish price tags.

Take Masa Super Premium, for example. It's a very high-end Japanese tea packaged in 750-ml bottles and bearing a price tag somewhat north of $2,000. Is it worth it? I highly doubt it, but if they'd like to send me a bottle I'd be glad to take a taste. Read more about this one at Luxist and Mellow Monk.

By the standards of Masa, Jin Junmei (Golden Junmei) is a relative bargain at a mere $100 per ounce. Read what Daniel Hong had to say about this rare Chinese tea in a recent article at T Ching.

RedUmbrella Tea
Canada’s Loose Leaf Tea Co.

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